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Mastering the latest and greatest online marketing techniques and staying well and truly ahead of the game (and your competitors) in the digital world is no easy feat. With more and more competition, the opportunities that were there for the taking aren’t so reachable anymore but with local search you can grab them with both hands and hold onto them as your market and the needs of your customers evolve.

For start-up companies and small businesses based throughout the North East of England, the term ‘search engine optimisation’ is often followed by a hefty price tag but with Local Search SEO you can get the results you need at a reasonable price point.

Using search engines to find products or services has been the port of call for more and more people in recent years and now connecting with local businesses online is the approach taken by many savvy consumers. The facts speak for themselves when considering the benefits of local SEO for Google with 50% of mobile users visiting a store within a day of their local search and a further 34% of desktop searchers doing the same.

Local search leads to, well, leads, so why not see what our North East SEO team can do for you? Contact us today on 0845 388 0337 to find out more.

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